Thursday, May 24, 2012

SummerQuest 1

Epic heroes need to know what matters to them, so they put their time into things that count. Your quest is to make a list of 100 things you want to have or be or do in your life. They can be large, small, easy, impossible, mundane, loony, contradictory, trivial, momentous, or even mutually exclusive - but they should all be the things that would or do make you happy, and give your life meaning. Your challenge is to pick one thing from your list and tell us in the comments what it is, and what you pledge to do in the next day (or week, or month) to make that idea come true.


  1. Take my husband to Israel~tomorrow I will be budgeting and setting aside some money to savings!

  2. I just made my list of 100 things to do to make my life happier. I won't post it all here but number 1 on the list is to get married. I've been here in AZ for only 3 years after taking on a great 3 day adventure by bus, across the country (all the way from GA) to be with my boyfriend. And on 12-12-12 we are finally getting married. Its taken some getting used to but I'm starting to love this state. I'm also keeping a Summer Reading blog.

  3. Anonymous - A trip to Israel sounds like so much fun . . . your husband will love it!

    Shell, that's a great idea for a blog. Arizona is a pretty extreme environment but you do come to love it.

    Thanks for commenting on our quest!

  4. On my list is a visit to Niagara Falls.
    We booked the flights last night.

  5. Jo - I'm jealous that you'll get to be around all that water! Thanks for commenting on our quest!

  6. well I have 2 that I can't decide beetween that are opposites. I want to go to the beach and learn how to surf and do snorkling and I want to go to a snowy place and possibly go sking. I can go to the beach because I am taking a trip there. I can go to a snowy place because I am moving to a snowy state next year.

  7. Both of those sound great - I just checked out some surfing movies and would love to learn how to surf. Have fun in the snow next year and remember why you left 105 degree weather!

  8. My first three items were easy – they all dealt education such as learning or relearning a skill – my favorite one was number 2 – taking a photography class. I had forgotten how much fun taking pictures were until I was asked to do our school’s yearbook. Now, this summer, I want to take pictures just for “ME.”

    1. Anon -- that sounds like a really fun project! Do you plan on doing a photo blog or something to share the pictures you take?

  9. too many to list, but i do want to move to a farm, there is nothing quite like fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. We sure are trying to get enough money to do so.

    1. Anon -- fresh, organic fruits and vegetables sound really good right now! Have you explored possibilities like container gardening in the meantime?

  10. On my bucket list is to get back home to visit family and friends. We haven't been back to Kentucky since 2008, and I thought we'd be able to get back a lot sooner, but money, job changes, etc. have prevented this.

  11. I want to climb the tallest mountain on every continent, and then climb Mt. Everest


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