Monday, July 2, 2012

SummerQuest 12

Today's quest is to learn 10 words in a new language. Your challenge is to share what language you chose and why. In the comments, also list the 10 words that you felt were the most important to learn. Remember, five comments will unlock the next piece of the picture.


  1. My language was American Sign Language and the words I learned were Mop, Dust, Dust pan, Sweep, Cat, Marriage, Broom, Husband, Wife and Apple.

  2. Shell,
    If you had fun with that, you might want to check out the website When I took an ASL class at Pima, I would use that site to practice.

  3. I found myself helping someone earlier today, who wanted to learn the Afghani languages Pashto and Dari. I had my doubts we would have any books or recorded language learning materials, but I checked out Mango Languages on the library website -- and BOTH languages were available for learning there! I was glad to be able to help her -- and she was overjoyed, saying "This is exactly the kind of resource I hoped you would have!"

    Anyone who wants to learn a few words in another language could do worse than go to that resource, free for any card-holder:

  4. French
    le, la, l', les the, être to be, avoir to have, de of, from , un, une, des a, an, some, je I, il / ils* he, it / they, ce this, pas not, à to, in

    1. Tres bien! Thanks for your comment, swagg master, you helped us unlock another image!


  5. Spanish
    1. to 1. a
    2. you 2. tú
    3. love 3. el amor
    4. a 4. un, una
    5. are 5. eres/estás
    6. was 6. fui, fue
    7. the 7. el, la, los, las
    8. have 8. tener
    9. is 9. es, está
    10. me 10. yo, mi, me

    1. Muy bueno, The R3ject! Thanks for joining the quest.


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